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Stop Feeding the Predators was started by Lynn McClain. From age 3 and into adulthood, she endured attacks on her body and her mind. While this was a difficult life, it really is NOT different from what a lot of other women have gone through. Lynn was sexually abused and assaulted as a child, she is the parent of children that were affected by sexual abuse and she has seen ways that could have been different if people knew how to process, within their own minds, these types of assaults.

Lynn’s childhood was difficult enough, but when she found out what her husband had been doing to her children, she lost everything that she thought was secure in her life. Lynn decided to take action and offer education for better prevention, assist with the healing of others, and help provide strength for parents who feel they have nowhere to turn.

Other women have stepped up and offered their help because they, too, had been assaulted or abused and saw the need for programs like this. If you want to know the best way to understand something that has happened or a way to better prevent it from happening, it is best to talk with people who have experienced it. They can educate about the tricks and the maneuvers used to victimize children so it doesn’t happen. They understand what you are going through because of what they went through. They have stood by silently, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do next when they found out what happened to their children.

Stop Feeding the Predators offers services for help with many different aspects of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Protection for our children, healing from past abuse, and educating adults are some of the programs available.

Stop Feeding the Predators teaches seminars on how to better prevent your child from becoming a victim of a predator’s intentions. The seminars can be done in large groups for educators, social service organizations, and churches or in a small gathering of friends. This information is carefully worded in such a way that we are NOT giving a ‘how-to’ class for predators. There are actions that every parent can take to help their child know what to do. (Classes are offered without children present. Other classes are available for parents and children together to help children understand how to protect themselves.)

Stop Feeding the Predators offers assistance with healing from past sexual abuse regardless of your age today. We have found that a lot of people, like us, did not receive adequate information, after we went through sexual abuse, in order to heal. We can help with the healing process. (Graphic details are NOT shared. We do NOT need to know specifics in order to help you with healing.) We can also help children who have had this happen recently to find the information they need in order to heal more completely and more quickly.Stop Feeding the Predators can help parents find a way to cope when a sexual assault happens to their child. Often times, parents are so overwhelmed that they don’t know what to do next. Usually, they simply shut-down or distance themselves from others. We can provide the strength they need to allow them to make the next right decision. We do NOT tell parents what to do. It is NOT our place to judge or insist on a particular course of action.Learn how one woman can survive and gain strength to teach others how to cope with an all too common occurrence.Healing starts here.
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