Are your systems in place?

Part 2

By Jamie Sue Johnson, Knock ‘Em Alive Business Coaching & Seminars


Have you been thinking about how you network? To follow are some questions to ask yourself before you attend the next networking event.


Try it and see what happens!

• How do you plan for your networking event and follow up after?
• How do you plan out your networking events schedule? What are you looking for in your networking events?
• What is your intention for each event? What result would you like to see come out of your attendance?
• What is a “qualified lead” for you? Do you have an elevated speech? Not elevator, elevated!This means that you have a clear statement that engages your listener, states what you do and how you do it, so they can assist you in getting what you need.
• Give to Get! – Understanding what someone needs and being a resource for them to get what they need is a networking tip. Are you looking for how you can assist someone in getting them a qualified lead if you aren’t a good lead for them? Always remember: People do business with people that we know, like and trust.
• When you get back to your office, what do you do to follow-up and follow through with the people you met? Do you connect on Linked In or Facebook? Send an email? Send a card (snail mail)? Do you send something of value to the person you met to assist them on their path?
• Do you have a manual system for following up or do you utilize or other tools or software?
• Are you getting results? How do you know if you are getting your ROT&E©? How do you track your results?
These are all questions we will be asking our top networkers from around the area. So join us for our next edition and send your tips or suggestions to Jamie Sue Johnson, Network Today’s Business Coach at

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