The J.A.N.S. event & other ideas

In the world of social media there is an underlining current of events & popularity. Everyone is trying to have the most people follow them & come to their events. It is an going theme that at this point will never go away. To embrace the idea is a better way to look at it. Take our event called: Jazz, Art, Networking, Social. The event takes the following ideas & a business model to heart. We have local artists to provide art, We bring in a network group to bring people, We have Jazz either live or played by a dj, put it all together with a tasting & you get partnerships working together for the big win win! The thing that helps the event is the idea that everyone that is a part takes ownership. Any event you put on should have excitement behind it. You need to make people in a fun way care & talk about your event. Just advertising & placing a few events on facebook dose not make an event happen. You need to do more than just start the process. Constance updates & getting your friends & fellow networkers will come in handy.

Ideas to think about: Why are you doing an event? Why should anyone care? What is the value? Your event is going to do what? Charity events will bring value so who do you like? The bottom line is just putting event together & hoping folks will show is a pipe dream. It will take time & trust to get folks to like the idea of your events & to show up. We are looking for your input, what are other things folks should think about when doing events?

About David Luke Kurtz

Born in Kittery Maine. Went to Curry College in Milton Ma. Moved to Ohio in 1990 & in August of 2008 created Dangerous Inc. Joined the Network Leaders alliance in 2009. Have been growing the business since. Promotions and events specialist providing key marketing support with expertise in advertising, marketing, promotional events, branding, and public relations. More than 10 years experience successfully executing more than 200 events. Proven ability to plan, coordinate, and successfully execute promotional campaigns, special events, and conventions.
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