Art of Spot light! Neera and her art

Artist:              Neera Sharma

Philosophy: Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value-judgments. An artist recreates those aspects of reality which represent his or her fundamental view of man’s nature.

Art is also a medium of expressing one’s inner emotions, feelings and impressions in the form of a painting. Painting is a mode of creative expression, and the forms are numerous. They can be naturalistic, representational and realistic like a still life, landscape painting, or a portrait.

Style Technique I feel that through paintings I have been able to capture and express the beauty in different colors using various mediums like Oil colors, Watercolors, Batik on fabric, Charcoal, Ink and Digital Art and given them different compositions on canvas, paper and fabric. It’s fascinating how I can make a painting on computer and bring the same effect as on a canvas.

I feel I want to learn to paint with all kinds of different mediums and mixed mediums available out there. My best moments are when I get flowers for mother’s day; I capture them in my painting and preserve them forever in my collection.

Background Neera started painting at a very young age growing up in New Delhi, India and took this passion to a whole new level by making Batik paintings on fabric bringing African influence into her artwork. She took her art to the next level when she graduated as a graphic designer from Maryland and started the digital art on computer from scratch using different software programs.

Neera worked as a freelancer for Library of Congress in 2003 and several other companies from 2000-2009. She was awarded and featured in the weekly Gazette for her first best ever created brochure for Library of Congress in 2003. She is actively involved in making new paintings and promoting them.

Publications Her paintings have been exhibited at several art galleries like Mac Worthington in Short North, NRG Gallery in West Columbus and solo exhibition at Columbus State College.

Prices $150 to $ 1500. Signed Gallery Wrap Prints in limited editions of 50 or 100.

$250 to $ 3000. Original and framed artwork ready to display.

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