Twitter in a meeting or texting…….. REALLY!

Respect in a meeting is always first priority. Think about this you are sitting in a meeting & your boss decided in mid-stream to take a phone call from a friend that had nothing to do with what you were there for & talks for 5 minutes while you sat there waiting to get the information. You would be upset & wondering why you are there in the first place. Maybe that is extreme but if someone is texting or on twitter they really are not there and in fact do not even care about the meeting at all. Just like the movies “It can wait”!

Think about the reason why folks use social media or texting. They are not looking for a conversation just a reply at some point in the future. If they needed an answer right then & there, they would of called. Twittering is on going but it is about updates not conversation. Once again nothing that needs a prompt right then & there answer. It is about the long haul not the short response.

Have a little respect for your peers & turn the twitter or phone off. You will have time later to take care of answering or commenting on any given update.

About David Luke Kurtz

Born in Kittery Maine. Went to Curry College in Milton Ma. Moved to Ohio in 1990 & in August of 2008 created Dangerous Inc. Joined the Network Leaders alliance in 2009. Have been growing the business since. Promotions and events specialist providing key marketing support with expertise in advertising, marketing, promotional events, branding, and public relations. More than 10 years experience successfully executing more than 200 events. Proven ability to plan, coordinate, and successfully execute promotional campaigns, special events, and conventions.
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