CJ Issue 13 C.O.C.

was formed in October, 2006 by Mary Jenkins,

while she was in active treatment for Stage III Breast Cancer.

Determined to successfully navigate treatment and access any resources available to her as a cancer patient, Ms. Jenkins set out on a quest to find assistance like so many before her had not been able to find.

Speaking with other patients, she heard stories of the emotional and financial hardships that people experienced while going through treatment. Experiencing some of these hardships herself, she came to the conclusion that there were simply not any cancer organizations that helped cancer patients to the extent that is so desperately needed.

To help ensure that others did not experience similar financial hardships, Ms. Jenkins formed Christians Overcoming Cancer (COC). An IRS recognized faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, COC is passionate about helping cancer patients SUCCEED on their ROAD TO RECOVERY through Awareness, Emotional Support and Financial Relief Services.

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