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Art of: The art of dreaming

Let’s talk about the idea of the dream behind the artwork. The muse, that thought that drove us to create the work before you. Sometimes it comes from a real dream we wake up from. Sometimes it’s a cloud in the sky. No mater where it comes from it brings out a drive to put mind to some form of art. When you are looking at art, stop & think about the mind set the artist was in. Look at the contrast between color or black & white. The size of the idea plays a part too. No mater what size, color or concept is used it comes from an idea, vision or muse.

Think about what drives you. What your vision is & how each idea takes form. Maybe it is the idea of a picture you want to take at a certain place & time of day. The important thing is to act on the idea when it hits you. Of course if you are at work you may not have the ability to act at that point but write down your idea & look at it when you get home. The inspiration if heart felt will fill you up at the point you look at the idea later. Art is personal & is always a mater of opinion. Detailed fine art is considered true art by most.  If that is what your drive to be that kind of artist, always remember it takes time to get that good. Some people have the eye to begin with. That dose not mean you should give up because you feel your work is not as good. Over time you will find your place in the world of art.

We believe the art of dreaming is the focus of dreaming of art & how you bring it all to life. There is not timetable. There is no right or wrong. You are finished when you feel you are done & the beginning is always a moment away. Get your art focus together and start to look, feel & dream……..

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