Network Today: Finding meaning in your voice on the web

Finding meaning in your voice on the web
By David Luke Kurtz

We are all trying to be heard in the world today. We have our dreams, thoughts & ideas we want to share. When things are not the way we feel they should be we get on our soapbox & preach to folks around us. We practice “do as I say not as I do”. When we are happy & fun things are happening we like to talk about those things as well. All in all we want to be the center of attention. To be respected & followed is the goal.

The world wide web has aloud us to do all those things & more. The problem is we did not listen to Mom & Dad when we got on a keyboard & started to type. We just started to put whatever we thought on the web & now for the most part it is there to stay, backed up on some server to be found when we least expect it. For the most part this is where you are beginning. You are starting behind the 8 ball as some would say. To find your voice starts with what you have already put out into the world.

Take a minute & start looking at what pops up when you search or google your name. The first page is a good start but what you really what to know is ten pages in. This will show you a trend on what the world see in you. This is your current voice. Is this what you want folks to know about you? It is important to know once it is on the web it is there for good. There is no going back. You said it & it’s there for the world to see.

So the question is what do I do? If I can’t change it then why care. I think you should care for future sake. From this point forward start to think before you type. Is what you are telling folks worth their time to read it? Will it help them? Look at your profiles you have started & revamp them. Make them family friendly & professional. After all do we really need to see you drunk or have a drink in your hand all the time? Do we need to see semi-nude pictures of you as well? Summer & party photo’s are cool but don’t make that the perception of whom you are. Think about what you want folks to know about you.

Your voice on the web should speak to what you do best. It should give you respect & show you are assertive & strong. Shock value is for marketing not for gaining you status or respect. From this point forward think about the following on both your personal & professional side: think twice before typing once, ask yourself does anyone really care about the movie I’m about to watch or concert? Do I have all the facts? If I’m upset will the worlds I write fall on def ears? What purpose will my statement serve? The action you take at this point will always determine your voice.

The answer to finding your voice comes down to looking at your past, taking that information and looking at where you want to go with it. Don’t talk about frying when you are a baker at heart. Stick to what you want folks to really see. Not ideas that say something else & remember that. Abraham Lincoln quote – Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Now go find your voice & stick to it!



About David Luke Kurtz

Born in Kittery Maine. Went to Curry College in Milton Ma. Moved to Ohio in 1990 & in August of 2008 created Dangerous Inc. Joined the Network Leaders alliance in 2009. Have been growing the business since. Promotions and events specialist providing key marketing support with expertise in advertising, marketing, promotional events, branding, and public relations. More than 10 years experience successfully executing more than 200 events. Proven ability to plan, coordinate, and successfully execute promotional campaigns, special events, and conventions.
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