DLK Entertainment: What to think about when hiring your entertainment

What to think about when hiring your entertainment

Entertainment is always one of the last services to hire for weddings & events. We think you should rethink that idea. O.k. your thinking why? Well look at it this way, your entertainment at most events tends to run & is the highlight of the event. Now your saying I hired a event planer for that. Yes you did but they are not the ones with the microphone in hand. They are not doing the introductions most of the time & normally are running around double-checking all the behind the scenes details which you hired them to do. The entertainment services are your upfront folks that your guests see, feel & hear from beginning to end of your event.

You capture your memories with your photographer & those emotions are put in place by the mood of the room. The mood is set in place by the feel, look & sounds of the services you hire for that big day. The key service that can make or break your event is for the most part your entertainment. Now you can argue that the cake, food or member of any of the services could also do the same. You can say the event planer could be disorganized  & make the event fail as well. We say, remember your entertainment will have crosschecked with the caterer & photographer about the timeline at the point they arrive. You would have met with your entertainment to go over the flow of the day & give them a timeline with introductions. You also would of done this with your other services as well. What you have done at this point is kind of set up a back up plan. All have an idea of what you want and at the point the services come together they compare notes on your day. You r entertainment as you can see will direct the flow of the way things happen. You would want your event planner & entertainment to work hand & hand. Meaning the event planner would help cue the entertainment when things are ready to happen from when a Bride & Groom arrive for introductions to when dinner is ready to serve. This is not always the case so it is important to know your entertainment can handle the responsibility.

By now you are beginning to see why hiring your entertainment after you get your venue & event planner in place is important. However if you are taking your time & have set the date far enough out then it does not matter as much. Planning a solid wedding requires at least a year to a year & a half to have it all fall in place. What I am suggesting is think clearly about what is most important to you. Most weddings today are on a budget & nine times out of ten the caterer or hall & entertainment are the only professionals who are there. Think about it: do you really want a service because you got the best deal in town or do you want the right service that fit your event?

To end this blog, here are some great questions to ask yourself & the entertainment services your interviewing:

How long have you been in business?

Do you personally do the events?

Can I meet the band or dj in person before I hire your service?

What are your rates?

Do you have a website & are there testimonials on it?

Do you give refunds?

Remember hiring a service based off of price to say you got the best deal in town dose not mean you got the best deal in town. Most of the time you get what you’ve paid for.

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