Network Today: Why did I join this group

Why did I join this group

I’ve talked to many folks that have put this question in my mind whether it is verbally said or danced around. As a net worker in today’s world we are faced with finding creative ways to make business happen. The most common way is to join a networking group because we are told this is a great way to get leads & referral. Check for free groups in your area first. Time is money but free to join is always a good place to start. Do your homework on what is out there in your area. Look them up on line & find their contact information. Make a call or send an email but make sure you talk to a person first. This way you have a person to meet before the meeting begins & you can decide if you can trust them.

Another thing to think about is did you join the right group? This can be a costly mistake if you have joined a group with your wrong target market. These groups do not give “Time or Money” refunds. Just cause it is a networking group dose not means it is the right networking group for you. If you are a wedding planner, best to join a group that focuses on weddings & events. Joining a group of real-estate brokers would not be a good idea. It’s not your target market but it would help the brokers. See if you can visit the group to try it out. If they are all about getting you to join, they will let you do this. The other question comes from what this blog is all about. If you are not the type of person that is out going & not willing to meet new people networking is not for you so joining a group all together is not a good idea. You are better off working for somebody rather than for yourself.

The problem most net workers have is when their a part of the group that dose nothing for them but takes everything from them. They are an out going person. They know a lot of folks but their peers in the group are not as lucky so the group tend to feed off of this person. At this point they ask, “Why did I join this group”. If you are feeling this way here is a few ideas to play with: 1. you can do a one for one idea: Meaning you give a referral & then when you get a referral you give another. 2. You could also help folks by teaching them how to reach out: Explain to the group your method on how to get to know new folks. If you like know trust your group then this will help you help them help you. However if you don’t like know trust your group then why are you still a member?

So why did you join this group? The answer should always be because I like, know, trust, the folks in the group & they support me.

About David Luke Kurtz

Born in Kittery Maine. Went to Curry College in Milton Ma. Moved to Ohio in 1990 & in August of 2008 created Dangerous Inc. Joined the Network Leaders alliance in 2009. Have been growing the business since. Promotions and events specialist providing key marketing support with expertise in advertising, marketing, promotional events, branding, and public relations. More than 10 years experience successfully executing more than 200 events. Proven ability to plan, coordinate, and successfully execute promotional campaigns, special events, and conventions.
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