what new camera gear will you invest in this year.

Earlier today I was in conversation with a a coworker. A photography enthusiasts and the topic turned – as it often does – to gear. Particularly new gear that has been released in the past few months and gear that is rumored to being announced in the coming months. They as well asked ” was going to venture out to Concord Mass for the swap meet at lens pro”

– ‘what gear will you invest in in 2012?‘_
It is a question I like to ponder and ‘research’ ( trawling the web for reviews of lenses and cameras when I should be working) from time to time.
I’m not sure what gear I’m intending to buy this year – I feel pretty comfortable with my current set up and got a an amazing deal last year. As a company rep for the manufacture. So you ask what in the world did I get. Well over all I’m rather hooked on the Sony line of NEX. Why you ask? well I first off I still shoot Film on occasion with an old Minolta XG_1 all those lenses I have will as well work with the Sony line Just need the adapter . So what bother with another whole new system?
I totally love my little NEX and its amazing ability to shoot in low light situations. It’s given my work a new punch and images are never the same So they’re” not your average image ” any more even more so. My other question that was asked of is this.
Is passion and artistry worth more than schooling when it comes to making it in the photography industry?

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Belinda is a Native of the Midwest she holds degrees from Curry College, BA and Willmar Vo Tech ,Technical degree in Photography. When she's not pursuing her passion and talent for photography she manages a database for a major university in the Boston area. Belinda as well Volunteers her time and talent with Dr Jane Goodall’s Roots and shoots.
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