An Interview with Michelle Sawyers Harris

Who is: Michelle Sawyers Harris

I’m a Toledo native who’s been living in Columbus for about 14 years. I have a BA in biology from the University of Toledo and a MS in Marketing & Communications from Franklin University. In addition, I am working towards my masters in environmental education from Miami University and have conducted overseas research studies in Costa Rica. I have three sons and three beautiful grandbabies. In my spare time, I enjoy surfing the Internet, nature photography and motorcycling.

Fun information:

I have several fur kids: six tarantulas (including a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater – one of the largest in the world), one rat named Earl Grey and an American Staffordshire Terrier named Diesel. (I did not name my tarantulas but may someday. Haha!)

Name of your Organization & Description:

I am founder of SHEL-SHOK, LLC (, which I formed after years of being a freelance designer. As a one-woman show and one-stop shop using freelancers and other outsourcing services, my goal is to help new startups and small business owners pull themselves up by their bootstraps – “we help them help themselves first” with DIY tips and pointers. When entrepreneurs need to check into my “Creative Asylum” we treat them like patients with TLC and offer affordable, creative and strategic solutions to their head-banging marketing problems. “The shok dok is always in!”

When did you start:

I’ve been in the design and marketing field since 1997, freelanced since 2000 and have gone by the name shel-shok since 2006.

What are your future goals & results of past goals:

My past goals have always involved being my own boss while helping others. I’ve come this far and now look forward to building business, networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs and becoming a leader in my field. In addition, I have started a new non-profit initiative called Green Matter ( aimed at educating others about the world we live in by using insects and other arthropods as attention-grabbers, teaching tools and role models. Bugs have lots of lessons to teach and they are just plain cool! In the near future, I plan on offering green business and marketing products and services through SHEL-SHOK, LLC.

What are you doing to impact the network community:

Online, I interact with entrepreneurs through Facebook ( and Twitter ( by offering the latest news and trends to help others with their business and marketing needs. Offline, I organize Startup Columbus (, a meetup group designed to network with other entrepreneurs and those interested in starting a business. We strive to advise, assist, support and promote the innovative ideas and business ventures of our active members through group meetups, social gatherings, seminars, workshops and special events. Last, but not least, I desire to share my knowledge and experiences about nature through my new Green Matter “Bug Hugger” Nature Club and Science Network meetup group (, which offers family-friendly nature walks and activities.

Check out STARUP Columbus on Check out her site shel-shok

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