The State Theatre Portland, Maine

The State Theatre in Portland Maine has had it’s share of glory and years of neglect and dubious uses. Now in October 2010 it reopens after extensive renovations returning much of the original splendor to it’s walls and ceiling. It was originally opened in 1929 as a first run movie house and ran until the 1960’s when it turned to adult films.
It closed in 1989 and reopened after a renovation to become a concerts and performing arts theatre under new ownership in the mid 1990’s . The year 2006 brought what everyone thought would be the end of the State Theatre after a number of operators could not make the space a viable location. The theatre has undergone a lot of work to bring it up to code and to bring back the elegance that once was. The walls have been replastered and painted as have the ceilings bringing the visitor back to the era of Art Deco. Although there been some adjustments and alterations to make it a multiuse facility, the work has been done with great respect for the building it once was.   The Bowery Presents, a New York based music promotion company and New England promoter Alex Crothers of Higher Ground Presents have agreed with the buildings owners, Stone Coast Properties, to run the theatre. The goal it to be able to have about 80 shows a year, although, the rest of this year already has 20 scheduled.
The theatre reopened with a concert by My Morning Jacket Friday Morning October 15, 2010 and an open house on Sunday the 17th from 1 to 9. For information on the Theatre and a schedule of events go to

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Originally from York and currently lives in central Maine, just outside the capitol of Augusta, and likes to be involved in what is going on. She is active in living history, working with historical groups sharing her passion for history. She also served on the board of directors for nonprofit historical groups and currently on the Board of Directors of Odamogan Living History in the development of a new Native American Living History Museum.
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